JOIN iWebcam and enter MVrubs (Channel) Chatroom using - PASSWORD - 747

If you upgrade your iWebcam account while within the MVrubs Chatroom you will receive free access to the full MVrubs online SP directory for one month
- (simply subscribe to MVrubs Mailing list using your iWebcam Nickname (& email address)  - to receive LINK)

See inside venue and service providers working there - tip the girls "stars" for showing themselves
- individual girls of your choice will receive cash tips ($25c per star) - immediately - as you tip BCSSR (Host) within the chatroom during the show (& specify their Nickname)

*** Be the first to guess (within public chat) which venue I am visiting and you will receive a Gift Card (via secret password) for a Free Massage - A secret password will be sent to you via Private Chat which you can use when visiting the venue within a specified timeframe of at least one month

View SCHEDULE (via Doodle) to see Date & Time for EVENTS - (with INTRO's currently set @ M-F 8:30pm-9pm)
- Enter your Chat Nickname to indicate your interest in participating in an event on a particular date/time
- Note that since the MVrubs Chatroom is set for - 1-to-many - only myself and the sp's within the venue will be able to view your cam if you turn it on in the room
- Text Chat will be available to all
- Voice Chat will be available between me and the sp's as be part of the show


EVENTS - A number of different kinds of events will take place depending on your interest in participation
 - SHOWS - @ Venues - (as outlined above) will only take place if a minimum number of (upgraded) participants signed-up (say 10 for now)
 - INTRO - Introductory events will be events between me and participants that will enable upgrades, connection testing and discussions
Many other possibilities as well - open to discussions & feedback

(Note that the MVrubs Chatroom (& BCSSR Host Account) will only be publically available during specified times)