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 Discreet appointment booking for Massage Services - Online & Mobile

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Attention Massage Service Venues - How it works:

 - Free listing and online promotion of your Venue

 - Manage Rooms and providers - automatically

 - Accept payments up-front - online

 - Offer promotions directly to loyal clients


Attention Massage Service Users - How it works:

 - There are over 1000 massage service providers within Metro-Vancouver working at over 100 locations

 - We want this app to be a One-Stop Shop for you to find and easily book appointments with a provider of your choice

 - Vetted providers - rating & reviews

 - ALL for just $5 per Booking

 - - - - Access Directory Updates & Collaborate for just $50 / year


Like to Help Out ? - Apply to become an Account Manager

Duties Include:

 - Visiting local licensed Massage Venues and signing them up / verifying their providers - using this SHEET
 - Train and support venue management and staff on use of the solution
 - Participate in Online Discussions, Video Interviews, Educational & Social Events
 - All Private (paid member-only access)
 - $1.00 Per Massage Booking by Service Providers you have signed-up
 - Example: Sign-up 25 Service Providers generating at least 4 bookings each per day = (at least) $100 per day for you (ongoing)
Looking for people (19+ of course) who have:
 - Excellent Online and Social Skills
 - Ability to converse in the Chinese language would be an asset
 - No knowledge of or experience in the industry is alright
 - Work your own hours and pace (as much or as little as you want)
 - Be part of an innovative team helping to make this venture a success
 - Help promote human rights, charitable causes, safety, love and respect

 Attention Massage Service Providers - How it works:

 - Improve safety and security - & manage your time
(no need to sit around waiting for clients)

 - Free listing in the directory

 - Free online promotion of your service

 - Manage your own Profile and Schedule

 - Vetted clients - ratings & reviews

 - Accept payments up-front - online

 - Sign-up for demo here